PF NoobEnc 0.2 beta

What is PF NoobEnc PF NoobEnc is a GUI for various MPEG 2 - Encoder like HCEnc and QuEnc.
I made this app to make MPEG 2 - Encoding easier because
for "Noobs" like I was (or am in some way) there are too much settings in some original GUI's and you don't know what to do.
Also it's difficult to make avs - scripts which are supported by the most encoders.
PF NoobEnc automatically "converts" other media into avs-files.
What do I need - AVISynth must be installed (some encoders only accept avs-files)
- Microsoft .net Frameworks 2.0 must be installed
- the encoder you want to use must be installed
- DGDecode.dll must be on your PC (if you use mpeg or d2v files)
What is supported - avs, avi, d2v and MPEG-Files are supported
Where do I get it You can DOWNLOAD it here

0.2 beta
- "Pathes" have now their own window -> main window is more clearly
- added a profile: "Own Settings" - You can change nearly all the settings the encoder has
0.1.3 alpha
- bug fixed: buttons were named wrong
- expert settings: "gopsize", "closed gops" and "dc" can now be edited
0.1.2 alpha
- avi-files are now supported
0.1.1 alpha:

- avs, d2v and MPEG-files are supported

0.1 alpha
First version