PF Comparer 0.2.2 beta

What is PF Comparer PF Comparer is a small GUI for the SSIM Plugin for AVISynth.
You can compar two movie files and then you get the average SSIM.
This is a number from 0 - 100 and indicates
whether the a movie was encoded perfectly (90-100) or really, really bad (SSIM is under 50).Since version 0.2.2 beta, the PSNR Metric is implemented.
What do I need - AVISynth must be installed
- Microsoft .net Frameworks 2.0 must be installed
- the codec the movies use must be installed
- movies must have the same length
What is supported - avi, avs, d2v and MPEG-Files are supported
Where do I get it You can DOWNLOAD it here